I have taken advantage of Ailey’s editorial services. She is thorough, insightful and fast in her feedback responses. Several poems have been placed in journals after working with her.” – Elizabeth Dickinson

“Ailey O’Toole’s work is magical, musical, and heart-rending. She has a strong command of form and voice, and utilizes this in her poetry, in her prose, and in her editing. Ailey’s insights will help you find new ways into your poems, and her own poems will lead you someplace new. Here is a heart beating on the page, here is a story asking to be heard. We would be wise to listen.” – Catherine Garbinsky, author of “All Spells Are Strong Here” (Ghost City Press)

“Ailey O’Toole’s work is a rare mix of brawn and tenderness. There is an emotional undertow to both her poems and prose that spring from her expertly crafted sincerity and sublime candor. As if witnessing a beating heart in the palm of a hand, Ailey’s ability to capture a precise moment and the feelings that follow are a fearless representation of a body of work that is ripe with a tremendous sense of humanity and an extraordinary pulse.” – Afieya Kipp, Editor in Chief of Vessel Press

“Ailey is incredibly thoughtful with a warm demeanor and she is a delight to work with. She’s incredibly generous and understanding and amazing with words. You can’t go wrong.” – Samantha Rose, author of L’ACQUA and Creatress in Chief of Pussy Magic Press

“As well as being an amazing writer, Ailey is such a joy to work with. Her edits and suggestions are insightful as well as invaluable, and have helped me shape my manuscript into something I’m proud of. She was truly the extra set of eyes I needed!” – Wanda Deglane, author of Rainlily and Lady Saturn (Rhythm & Bones Lit 2019)

“Ailey’s feedback on my poetry was rich and precise. She used specific examples to support her explanations, and I came away from the experience with a strong understanding of exactly how to proceed with my revisions and improve my craft. The experience was invaluable – I highly recommend Ailey to anyone seeking support in developing their poetry.” – Amanda McLeod

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