My debut chapbook “GRIEF, AND WHAT COMES AFTER” is forthcoming from Rhythm and Bones Lit, December 2018. You can preorder it here.


To the shitty white hipster boy who didn’t understand why I sent him a screenshot of the Wikipedia page for manic pixie dream girl, but instead managed to make the conversation about himself, yet again” – The Broke Bohemian

“What If I Didn’t Have a Personality Disorder” and “On the Argument that Men Should Not Be Prevented from Getting Jobs In Their Field After Being Fired for Workplace Sexual Assault”After the Pause

The Things I Can’t Tell You” – Ghost City Review

Mazes” – Rising Phoenix Review

Not All Broken Homes Are Loud” – Rising Phoenix Review

Unlearning Abuse” – Rising Phoenix Review

Coping Mechanisms” – Rising Phoenix Review

Ode to Drunk Girls in Bar Bathrooms” – Rising Phoenix Review

Reminders,” “Here’s the Truth About First Love,” “This Is How It Ends,” “Here Are the Secrets I’ve Kept,” and “All We Seem to Do is Talk About Sex” – Rose Quartz Journal

An Instruction Manual to Heartbreak in Three Parts” – Bone and Ink Press

Roots,” “Summer Stasis,” and “On Becoming” – Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review

Salt Water Sacrifices” – Rising Phoenix Review

After” – Rhythm and Bones

Gun Metal” – Rhythm and Bones

Self Biography As Zoo Keeper” – Rhythm and Bones

Lake Travis” – Rising Phoenix Review

To the Shitty White Hipster Boy…” – republished in Rag Queen Periodical

Gloriously Wicked” – Rising Phoenix Review

Feral Genes” – Okay Donkey

Dismember” and “Where Did All This Heavy Come From?” – Awkward Mermaids

Difficult at Parties” – Ghost City Review

“On Learning Silence,” “To The Shitty White Hipster Boy,” and “On the Argument…” – Feckless Cunt Anthology

“Navigation”Door Is A Jar

The AR-15 Finally Speaks” – Rising Phoenix Review, Disarm Themed Issue

Bottomless” – Rhythm and Bones

Things I Wish I Never Knew” – Rhythm and Bones

My Boyfriend Shows Me Pictures of His Dead Friends While We Watch Arrival” – Philosophical Idiot

Lifelike” – Barren Magazine

Flight / Fight / Freeze” – 8poems

Thursday’s at One,” “What If I Didn’t Have This Personality Disorder,” and “Coping Mechanisms” – Peculiars Magazine

Creative Nonfiction: 

Autumnal Remembrance” – Memoir Mixtapes


This Is How It Ends” – Rose Quartz Review

Gun Metal” – Rhythm and Bones

Forthcoming publications:

“Fourth of July,” “On Becoming,” and “The Things I Can’t Tell You” – Bonnie’s Crew

“Gun Metal” – Rhythm & Bones’ “You Are Not Your Rape” Anthology

“my boyfriend uses a vibrator on me” and “beach access #16” – Vessel Press

“Root System” – L’Éphémère Review



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