My poem “Flight / Fight / Freeze” found a home in Issue 5 of 8poems! You can read it here.



If I break, I can be everywhere

at once. I want to know how blood

survives in the dark. You love me

most when I’m in pieces – a vulture

dining on the last living scraps.

I have been defined

by what is taken from me.


I tell the rage I don’t want it,

there’s no place for it

in my body, but the alive

thing is doing its living all

over the place. There are radiant

parts of me that wish to dynamite,

but I tell them wait. The hot pulse

of my want oozes out of my pores,

but I tell it wait.


Depression has nested itself

in me, picked roots and twigs

from my nervous system. Veins

like kite strings, braided synapses

corkscrewing down my spine and


don’t we empty each other just to prove

we’re still alive? I don’t know to want

for more because nothing in my life

has been this much.


I have been pounding

both the gas and the brake

of my body for so long,

I am now frozen. I have fought

flint and stone, spark and flame,

built myself out of nothing. I am

letting the savage grass grow,


only me and the wildflowers,

both so full of grace and becoming. 

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